Justification of Attendance Letter

Please feel free to copy and paste this letter template to help you justify registering for the Conference

Dear [Supervisor’s name],

I would like to attend the 2024 Food Safety Consortium Conference & Expo, October 20 to 22. The conference will enable me to attend a number of education sessions that are directly applicable to my work and will allow me to network and collaborate with other food safety professionals and peers. I will hear and have access to Jim Jones, the Deputy Commissioner for Human Foods at the FDA.

The conference will also provide an extensive overview and evaluation of the FSMA 204 Traceability rule, Food Safety Culture, Audits & Inspections, Food Defense, Food Recalls, New Technology, Risk Management, Sanitation challenges, Data Analytics, Allergen Management, Proper use of Sanitation Chemicals, and Environmental Monitoring, are just some of the sessions offered.

Many of the presentations are tailored to the [Insert your primary function here .] and give valuable information on how to [insert benefits/lessons here, for example: FSMA compliance, prevent food fraud, create a food safety culture, measure ROI, Food Defense, Recall Strategy].

The Food Safety Consortium Conference’s two-day program is recognized by NEHA (National Environmental Health Association) for 12.0 Continuing Education (CE) Hours. Knowledge of which is essential for my position. I am seeking approval for the registration fee in addition to travel expenses to, and living expenses during the conference. A detailed cost breakdown is included below.

After reviewing the conference website, I have identified a number of education sessions that will allow me to gain knowledge and skills to strengthen our food safety and food quality assurance systems. The presentations, round table discussions and idea exchanges are facilitated by both industry experts and food safety peers who have faced similar challenges. Here is a sample of sessions I plan to attend that directly relate to issues and challenges we currently face.

Pre-Conference Training: I would like to take this training the day prior to the conference.

[Insert the session descriptions, pre-conference training or workshop that best apply to your area of responsibility.]

The full price conference fee is $1,195, however, if I register before June 30, the price is only $795. If we send more than 2 of our employees to the conference, we will receive a 50% discount on all additional registrants. Also, there is a registration option called an Enterprise Registration. This Registration option provides us the ability to have TWO On-Site Registrations + UNLIMITED Virtual Participants from our company.

[Insert your travel cost numbers here]

Here is the breakdown of conference costs:

Roundtrip Airfare to Washing DC (Reagan): [$xxxx]
Amtrack or Driving Transportation costs: [$xxxx]
Hotel: [$xxxx] Under $250 per night x 2 nights
Meals: [$xxxx] 2 breakfasts and lunches are included with full conference registration
Conference Fee: [$xxxx]

The total costs associated with attending this conference are: [$xxxx].

The conference will increase [insert name your of organization]’s ability to protect our consumers, our executives, our company’s brand and bottom line and ensure that my team and I are fully prepared to face food safety challenges and make program improvements next year.

I believe that the opportunity to network with my peers and increase my knowledge and skills makes my attendance at the Food Safety Consortium Conference a wise investment, which will yield rich dividends for [name of your organization].


[your name here]

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